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If traveling by plane, make sure you check in well in advance. At check in, note your flight number. Check your plane's status several hours prior to the flight to find out if there are any delays or cancellations. This allows you to plan accordingly.

So, in August 2012, they set off in the Jeep towing the jet skis and heading for Memphis. Jackie Ayars was the primary navigator and driver while her father, sister and Tarry took turns riding jet skis. She spent time learning about the South, its culture and history while waiting for the rest of the group to finish their daily travel on the river. Ayars and his companions had some harrowing experiences, like the time stones disabled one of the jet skis, getting stuck in the mud, difficulties in finding suitable ramps for getting the skis into and out of the water, problems finding places to refuel the jet skis, long waits at some locks, a problem alerting a bridge operator to raise a bridge enough for them to pass underneath, searing sun, hot, steamy temperatures and occasional storms. They also had to be mindful of commercial traffic on the river, including huge barges that could cause a wake that could be deadly to someone on a jet ski. But they rallied and returned to the river every day until they finally reached New Orleans, where they celebrated. This section of the photo album contains photos from the time the group spent in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Carol Kovach, special to cleveland.com "Jennifer and I were getting along well," Jackie Ayars said, noting that wasn't always the case.


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