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Here they are: Ariana (1304 N.W. Galveston Avenue, Bend; 541-330-5539; arianarestaurantbend.com ) features American cuisine with a creative spin, made with the freshest produce and ingredients of the Northwest's bounty. The ever-changing menu consists of entrees such as filet mignon and duck confit, excellent seafood, housemade soups and salads and a full bar within the intimate and cozy atmosphere of this Craftsman-style bungalow. The wine list is extensive with a focus on Northwest offerings. Margaritas and specialty drinks use fresh-squeezed juices. Aside from the delicious filet mignon, the jumbo seared scallops over Oregon Dungeness crab risotto as well as the fresh crisp Ariana salad are fantastic options. The chef's tasting menu is a popular choice at the rate of $65 per person, offering four savory and one sweet menu. Each course is small in size, but with full-bodied flavors. Desserts range from a few cake varieties, creme brulee, curd and pudding down to housemade sorbets and ice cream.