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Sometimes new eating places escape my notice. But this one shouldnt have. Piyush was right. Not only does Noodles Palace serve some tasty, beef brothy pho, but its spring rolls rank right up there with those found at Vietnamese restaurants on North 27th Street. The Nguyen family -- father Bang, mother Thao, daughter Anh and son Chuong -- opened Noodles Palace in December 2015. The Nguyens, Anh said, came to the U.S. from Vietnam five years ago, settling in Lincoln. With an abundance of Vietnamese restaurants in north Lincoln, especially along 27th Street, opening one in southwest Lincoln makes a lot of sense. Anh said business has been growing steadily over the past year as more and more people are discovering Noodles Palace during the lunch and dinner hours. Food Anh marked three menu items on my to-go menu that are customer favorites.