Decide if you want the main course to be cooked in a base of broth or oil. Make sure you don't offend people by telling tasteless jokes that are chauvinistic or racist. If you are a volunteer and don't have immediate access to this database, call the charity and ask to speak with a director or media representative to obtain a current list. There are several delicious recipes calling for various cheeses accompanied by different wines and spices. Follow up on the mailing by making personal telephone calls or sending emails to encourage attendance at the dinner. Open the card and write out the details your guests need to know. Be properly dressed according to their server dress codes. Throw a pot luck dinner and invite your guests to contribute their spirit and a dish to the communal table and you will be rewarded with an evening of fun, laughter and great food. Write the city name, the two letter state abbreviation and the Postcode underneath the street address.

Get a firm commitment and verify their contact information. Draw many signs with the coloured markers and paper. How Does a Rehearsal Dinner Work? Keep the after dinner speech short so that people don't get bored waiting for it to end. Getting other folks on board also allows people to contribute to a cause they believe in. How to Serve a Fondue Dinner How to Serve a Fondue Dinner Fondue can be more than just an appetizer. Make sure all volunteers know their jobs. Leave the entertainment for last.