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Reactions to 'Amoris Laetitia': A leap or baby step? | National Catholic Reporter

The person must follow the inner promptings of the heart." A similar opinion was voiced by feminist theologian Mary Hunt. The co-founder of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, Hunt led her detailed analysis in Religion Dispatches by saying that Amoris Laetitia "leaves much to be desired -- pun intended." "If you are heterosexual, married, divorced, and remarried with an understanding parish priest, you have reason to be hopeful that your 'irregular situation' can be fixed," she said. "If you use most forms of effective birth control, have an abortion, or are a sexually active LGBTIQ Catholic, you might as well read Dante and/or seek another denomination if you expect to be treated with equality, dignity, and respect. "The 'Joy Love Club,' " she wrote,"is members-only." More:Pope offers compelling vision of love The lack of doctrinal temblors aside, Congregation of Notre Dame Sr. Susan Kidd thinks the tone and content of the document is "very much in keeping with the way Francis is addressing many issues. He's able to stick to the party line and yet put a lens on it that is very compassionate. I think it goes very well with his Year of Mercy." Kidd is campus minister at the secular University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, Canada, and interacts with students from a variety of backgrounds and with widely varying definitions of the word "family." She said she appreciates that the reflection puts the onus on clergy to "have their own compassionate pastoral affairs in order," adding that compassion can't be taught in a seminary course. Rather, she said, compassion comes from experience in shepherding a diverse flock. Three things stood out most to John Grabowski, associate professor of moral theology and ethics at The Catholic University of America: the amount Francis draws upon the work of the synods, the incorporation of the teachings of his immediate predecessors on the area of marriage and family, and the focus on accompaniment and discernment. "It's very obvious he listened very deeply to the bishops who were there," said Grabowski, who was also present at the Synod of Bishops last fall.

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