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The Sweet Shop was so much a part of the DNA of Cass Lake area residents that soldiers returning home from World War II would make it their first stop, swooping little Gale up in their arms, she said. Some men would come in for breakfast, then for mid-morning coffee, then for lunch and finally for afternoon coffee, she recalled. "It was so much like Arnold's on 'Happy Days' that it was unreal," Fredrickson, now 78, said in reference to the TV sitcom evoking life in 1950s Milwaukee. "We even had a few Fonzies, you know? I always think of the day that the one guy came and he says, 'Hey, Cal ... make me a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate malt. And could you hurry that up? My mother's waiting supper for me.'" Fredrickson, who has lived in Silver Bay for 60 years, told the story with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face, exhibiting one of the qualities that patients and medical professionals say make her an effective volunteer in what might seem to be a distressing place: the St. Luke's Regional Cancer Center. "There's always those that try to help you out and everything, but they just don't have it," said Pat Raj of Tower, who recently completed a regimen of chemotherapy and radiation at the cancer center. "But (Fredrickson) has what it takes." "She's pretty spectacular," said Dr.