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"It's a real lifesaver for us to know in advance how many people are coming and what dishes are being ordered." Bessou is offering a $65 four course menu where you can get special items like sea urchin tagliolini and soy glazed filet mignon-- that are only being offered on that special day. And with entrees ranging from $14 to $34, the prixe fixe option may actually be much less expensive than ordering four courses a la carte. What's more, some chefs say, prix-fixe is what customers want on special occasions. "Valentine's Day is a special holiday for couples and those celebrating with their loved ones, and at all of my restaurants we try to honor that by giving guests unique dishes that they can't always find on the daily menu," says chef Julian Medina of New York City's Toloache Restaurant Group. "Offering a pre-fixe option also allows my kitchen and staff to accommodate the influx of diners wanting a night off from cooking.Their menu is $90 per person for four courses, but it also includes one-and-a-half hours of unlimited margaritas-- or a bottle of Perrier Jouet Brut (a champagne that by itself can retail for over $50) for two. Chef Matt Blousof The 404 Kitchen in Nashville told Fox News that he tried for years to avoid prix-fixe, but too many of his customers said they wanted it. "As a diner, he said, a prix-fixe menu isn't my favorite way to eat.But I found that I was sending my regular customers somewhere else for dinner on holidays when they'd rather be with us, and ultimately that just didn't make sense to me." So this year Blous is bowing to demand. "I'm here to please my customers," he said."We are in the hospitality business, and I'm happy to make customers happy.If a Valentine's Day prix fixe is what they want, we will deliver the best damn Valentine's Day prix fixe in Nashville." While you can order off the regular menu at 404 Feb. 14, if you opt for the five course $90 tasting menu you'll be able to taste dishes like crab agnolotti and dry aged pork chop. For diners seeking a little adventure who don't want to go overboard, the key is to seek out a menu that has some Valentines Day spirit baked into it.Chef David Santos of New York's Good Stock has served themed dinners on Valentines Day. FOR THE LATEST FOOD FEATURES FOLLOW FOX LIFESTYLE ON FACEBOOK "As a chef, I think it's important to create memories through food, and I personally don't think enough people do it, he said. I know the holiday comes with the idea of price-gouging and so on, but I always looked at it as a way to create an experience for the night." His favorite creation was a "tragic lovers" themed dinner with multiple courses laden with aphrodisiacs from the story-origin countries. "People came in and it became more then just a meal.