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Car rental agencies require renters to be 18 years old. Now there are some companies where the age requirement to rent is 25 or older. If you aren't 25, the rate you pay may be higher, and you may be required to use a credit card. There are some cities that do not allow seniors to rent cars. When you make your reservations, make sure you ask if they have any age restrictions.

Jack Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna college in California, said it appeared that Trump Tower was turning out to be a particularly burdensome expense, compared with costs tied to George W Bushs Texas ranch or Obama family vacations to Marthas Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. When President Bush went to the ranch, it was not surrounded by an enormous city that didnt involve the same kind of security challenges, Pitney said. When President Obama went to Marthas Vineyard, again fairly isolated, not the same kind of challenges as a highly visible location in the middle of a very crowded city. This also relates to his failure to disclose his taxes, Pitney said. Hes the first president in 40 years who hasnt publicly disclosed his taxes, and many people suspect that hes employed various legal maneuvers to avoid paying taxes. If that is true, hes imposing costs on other taxpayers that hes not bearing himself. According to a $37.4m reimbursement claim filed with Congress at the time of the inauguration, New York City spends $500,000 a day protecting Trump tower, mostly in police overtime costs. A trip by Eric Trump in January to visit a condominium development in Uruguay produced a hotel bill of $97,830 for secret service and staff, the Washington Post revealed. Other expensive overseas trips the scion has taken on family business so far this year include visits to the Dominican Republic (polo grounds, hotel, golf course); Dubai (golf course); and Vancouver (hotel).


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