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When traveling, ask for a room located on one of the highest floors possible. Bottom and ground floor rooms are more accessible to potential thieves. Sliding doors also make your room easily accessible, and you should avoid these if possible. Glass or sliding doors are easier to damage.

Entertainment, vendors, food and other attractions might be held in or outside of The Centre. While more than a year off, the proposal asks the Council to set aside $25,000 from this year's special events budget for iFest. This assures that money would be there for 2018, should the Council approve the move, Keselica said. The first new event to happen this year is set to be "The Civil War Experience," a reenactment camp June 9 and 10 on city-owned land off Route 31 and adjacent to the Elgin Mental Health Center campus. The idea for the event came from Elgin Public Works mechanic John Braese, who suggested it several years ago to City Council member Terry Gavin. Brian O'Mahoney / The Courier-News Maggie Volkman was a finalist in the "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" division of the costume contest during "Nightmare on Chicago Street" in Elgin last year. Maggie Volkman was a finalist in the "Sci-Fi/Fantasy" division of the costume contest during "Nightmare on Chicago Street" in Elgin last year. (Brian O'Mahoney / The Courier-News) Braese is part of a reenactment group for the 9th Virginia Cavalry Co. B and McGregor's Battery Horse Artillery, which is based in Roscoe and has members in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.


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